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A vibrant community for the exchange of knowledge and ideas about e-democracy and collaborative decision-making.

What’s the issue?

We live in a world in which the most important decisions are primarily made by a small group of highly privileged people.

The quality of decisions made by such narrow groups of individuals is often highly unsatisfactory, and even damaging.

Decision-makers often have little or no knowledge of the topic in question, and exclude the knowledge and desires of the very people whose lives they affect the most – while they themselves remain entirely unaffected by their own misguided choices.

Our mission

Thanks to technological developments, information is now more freely and widely available, active participation is easier than ever to facilitate, and awareness of the right to be actively involved as citizens is increasingly strong among the general population.

Our mission is to bring decision-making back to the people and their communities, through nurturing e-democracy and developing innovative technologies for higher quality collaborative decision-making.

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Civic Hacktivist Community

With your help, together we will build a vibrant community for the international meeting of minds of all those working towards the same goal – academics, researchers, civic tech brains, civic initiatives, communities, NGOs, foundations, alliances, educational institutions and more. It is a space in which to exchange knowledge and ideas about e-democracy, collaborative decision-making, and collectively overcoming challenges.

Community-shared knowledge

What is a Civic Hacktivist?

Civic activist

Tackles a systematic problem impacting the wider population, and takes action for a better future.

Civic hacker

Identifies social problems, and uses technological tools to build socially beneficial solutions.

Civic Hacktivist

Uses technology to make our society better.

Your help is needed to:

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