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Why help us?

At Citizen OS, we want to live in a world where everyone can participate in respectful discussions. A world in which we can collectively make decisions—having our voices heard on topics that directly impact our own lives and well-being.
To make our vision a reality, we’ve built a free, open-source co-decision platform for people and communities to join local, national and even global discussions.

We also run civic hackathons, summer and winter schools, democracy festivals and more.

We partner with an array of awesome, like-minded organisations to support civic engagement initiatives around the world.
Everything we do, we do it for people and communities. We believe that democracy and civic participation should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, and we need help in ensuring that.

How will your donation be used?

We will put all contributions towards platform development and maintenance — funding both the people and technology underpinning it, and making sure our Citizen OS open-source platform is freely available to everyone, now and forever.

*Unfortunately, currently your kind donation cannot be deducted from your income tax as Citizen OS has not yet entered the list of non-profit foundations benefiting from income tax incentives approved by a resolution of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. We are currently working on it and hopefully soon enough can let you know that the situation has changed.

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