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Understanding topic user rights

Topic participants can be assigned different levels of rights: “admin”, “editor” or “participant”. 

With “participant” rights, users can:

  • View topic 
  • Participate in topic discussion
  • Vote on topic
  • View the topic follow-up
  • Set topic notifications
  • Leave topic
  • Report topic (only for public topics) 

Note: In public topics, all the above actions are also open to anyone accessing the topic, regardless of whether they have been invited).

With “editor” rights, users can do all of the above plus:

  • Edit topic (title, topic text, etc.)
  • Add hashtags and categories
  • Add/manage attachments

With “admin” rights, users can do all of the above plus:

  • Change topic status (send it to voting and follow-up, close it, delete it)
  • Make topic public/private
  • Invite users via email
  • Invite an existing group
  • Share an invite to topic via URL, QR code, FB, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Manage participants (manage users’ rights, delete users) 
  • Duplicate topic.

Please see Understanding group user rights for more information on the interrelation between group rights and topic rights.  

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